Get Involved

Align Your Passions & Creativity

WEI will provide all the marketing materials (and even a WEI representative to speak!) and you provide your talents and ideas! This is a wonderful way for you to utilize your experience in Kenya, and/or pursue your passion and support for WEI's partners, alongside using your natural talents, time and community.


Here are a few ideas that have been done, and some more to think about, to get creative about engaging with WEI:

  • Host a Garage Sale
  • Write letters to your circle of influence, including photos and a donation request
  • Ask your frequented businesses for donations, sponsorships, or prizes for Walk for Water or Harambee
  • Host a “Dinner/Dessert/BBQ/Cocktails With a Purpose"
  • Hike/Ride/Climb/Swim for WEI
  • Host a Walk for Water event with a school, a club, your neighborhood, your gym, etc.
  • Deliver Harambee Banks to friends, family, businesses, church clubs, associations, etc. and schedule a pick up.
  • Arrange a speaking engagement for a WEI Representative with your club, church or work event, etc.
  • Put on a WEI Benefit Concert
  • Have a WEI Bake Sale
  • Host an educational night or documentary screening, relating to the work of WEI

The opportunities are endless! Keep checking back here for more resources.

Contact Jordan at for more information or to host your own event!